Waste collection and recycling

Wastecollection and recycling

Waste often produces an unpleasant smell. Especially when the temperature rises, the decontamination of waste is getting very nasty. 

This nasty smell can cause complaints from your colleagues and/or people in the neighborhood. Our products will help to neutralize the nasty smell and prevent complaints.

Our products can work inside or outside very effective, at remarkeble low costs. Ask for a quotation or see for our  Start bestandsdownloadbrochure.

We can work out a test for you to see if our products can help your problem. Call or mail us. 


Streetcleaning is a delicate process.

Especially after the foodmarket (fish, meat, vegetables). Many time a nasty smell will occur, even if the place looks clean.


But also near the restaurants, cafes and discos. The smell of beer, mixed with urine is very bad.


We have the solution. Simply add our BDLC EO-101 in your sweeping machine and the bad smell will disappear in seconds, without returning. 


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