Health Care

Nursing Home

A nursing home wanted to make the stay more pleasant for its clients. After various tests, they decided to buy 50 dispensers, with a subtle perfume: green tea.


This created a pleasant atmosphere in the entire nursing home, which not only improved the working environment for the employees, but also increases the well-being of clients and visitors.


The number of general complaints dramatically decreased.

Residents Room

In a nursing home patients occasionally have serious bedsores. The smell of this is for patients, care staff and visitors very unpleasant.


By placing a dispenser containing the ScentGel EO 501 revealed this odour problem to be resolved quickly and effectively. A visitor told literally, she now is able to visit her aunt for a longer period of time, because the stench was gone.


In a nursing home are private rooms from residents, some of whom are allowed to smoke. This causes nuisance for staff as well as for visitors. By placing a dispenser with ScentGel EO-301 the smell could easily neutralized and care staff and visitors breathe a sigh of relief.

Incontinence Pads

In a nursing home the waste bins with incontinence pads are stored during the business day in a corner of the corridor, until the internal service picks it up. These containers, however, have a particularly pungent smell, which eventually scattered the whole department.


By placing a ScentPatch BDLC EO-401 in this container, this problem was quickly under control. In this nursing home were eventually dispensers with BDLC-401 placed, because of the pleasant smell that was spread.