dec. 2016

What an incredibly attentive and friendly response to my review to send the information I missed!


Knowing now that the products are 100%, I am totally satisfied with No Odour! Thank you very much.

nov. 2016

Very pleased that foul smells are away now and it smells fresh in my house again.

May 2016

With two dogs and a cat we had regular stench. This product come across by accident and ordered it. We now use it regularly. In the car, at home, in small accidents and at the litter box. We are very happy with it, we have ordered the 2nd bottle now.

Dec. 2015

Maybe you recognize the problem: you have been walking the dogs in the forest or on the beach. The dogs love swimming and jumping in puddles.

This will give an awful stench in the car when driving home.

We tried everything: driving with open windows, special drying mats, lavender, you name it.

Nothing helps, of course, because all air fresheners are based on the camouflage of the stench! You’ll even get sick of all the different fragrances like: Lily of the Valley, fresh spring etc. etc.

This is all history with No-Odour Pet-FRESH!


With this product you smell nothing at all!

You only need a little spray, and in a short while all the stench is gone.

It really works!